The BeefCake

Cubes or grain, piles or rows the BeefCake Cake Feeder by DewEze lets you chore your way.

Tackle daily livestock feeding chores with the BeefCake by DewEze – designed to fit any feeding style. Whether supplementing with cubes or grain, the BeefCake can be adjusted to feed in piles or a line. The chain-driven, twin six-inch auger system reduces bridging and waste. Sealed to keep out dirt and moisture, the weather-tight lid will provide years of trouble-free performance and longer product life. Additionally, the lift handle can be accessible from the ground. Backed by DewEze’ durability, the flexible rubber chute eliminates wear and tear from everyday hurdles. Featuring electric or hydraulic models, the BeefCake is available in three sizes: the BC1000, BC1500 and BC2000.
  • Power Source: Available in electric or hydraulic models, the BeefCake is easy to install to your truck power source.
  • Dual Augers: Tailored to fit any feeding mix, the dual augers prevent bridging and wasteful damage by reducing RPMs.
  • Flexible Rubber Chute: Constructed to withstand impact from everyday obstacles, this original rubber chute guarantees long-lasting durability.
  • Feeding Style: Feeding in piles or in a line, the corded hand control displays auger revolutions, offering ration management from your cab.
  • Handheld Control: The integrated, corded hand control displays auger revolutions, offering ration management from the comfort of the cab.
  • Easy Open Lid: Designed to improve your feeding efficiency, the lid opens and closes with a convenient, ground-accessible handle.
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