Crane Inspections

Crane Inspections
Crane Inspections
Crane Inspections
Not only are crane inspections critical to your preventative maintenance program but they are also required by OSHA. Help reduce down time and equipment costs and limit your liability by replacing parts BEFORE they fail. Dakota Fluid Power offers comprehensive crane inspections for various crane equipment completed by an on staff certified crane inspector.

Inspection Types:
  • Overhead Crane
  • Boom Truck Crane
  • Telescoping Crane
Why Have Crane Inspections?
  • Equipment Reliability: When having Dakota Fluid Power frequently and/or periodically inspect your equipment, it will undoubtedly lead to fewer breakdowns and increased productivity. DFP utilizes a predictive maintenance type inspection program that will substantially increase the reliability of your equipment.
  • Increased Employee Safety: Having your frequent and/or periodic inspections completed on a regular basis will most definitely provide a safer and more productive environment for your employees. DFP meets or exceeds the ASME & OSHA requirements for crane inspections, giving you peace of mind that your inspections are done properly and safely.
  • It's A Requirement: OSHA 1910.179 requires both a “Frequent” and “Periodic” Inspection be done on your crane and hoist equipment. DFP has certified crane inspectors on staff that can help with your required inspections.
  • Liability: If inspections are never performed and/or the inspections are performed by someone that is not qualified, it can lead to employee injury, which in return could cost thousands in legal fees and insurance premiums. Avoid accidents and equipment failures by relying on Dakota Fluid Power to properly and safely complete these inspections for you. Inspections performed by a trained and qualified inspector will reduce your exposure to accidents and equipment failures.
How Often Do I Need An Inspection?

Frequent Inspections: 
Daily to Monthly Intervals (Visual & Operational Type)
  • Hooks, Hoist Chains, Wire Ropes and all functional operating mechanisms formal adjustment need to be checked daily. This is normally performed by the operator.
  • The Hooks, Hoist Chains and Wire Ropes need to also be more thoroughly inspected and documented on a monthly basis.
Periodic Inspections:
Monthly to Yearly Intervals (Complete Visual & Operational Type)
  • Normal Service - Annually
  • Heavy Service - Semi-annually (Heavy service is use at 80 to 100% of rated load or in excess of 10 lift cycles per hour as a normal procedure.)
  • Severe Service - Quarterly (Severe service is use at normal and/or heavy use in an abnormal environment such as high or low ambient temperatures, exposure to adverse weather, corrosive fumes, dust or moisture laden atmospheres, & hazardous environments A designated and qualified person shall determine whether conditions found during the inspection constitute a hazard and whether disassembly is required for additional inspection.)
 Crane Inspections Brochure
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