DFP Hydraulic Hopper Bottom

DFP Hydraulic Hopper Bottom
DFP Hydraulic Hopper Bottom

For the Hopper Bottom system, we use the "Orbit" motor that is used on winches, augers and conveyors for convenience and versatility. If you do not have a Wet Kit installed, these units can include a 12VDC self-contained hydraulic power unit that can be run off a truck battery. No more bending, no more shoulder injuries and no more lost wrenches. The Dakota Fluid Power Hopper Bottom is operator friendly and simple to use. Easy installation with provide you with immediate cost savings. Please call your local Dakota Fluid Power representative when ordering a Hopper Bottom system. Because of the many different methods to install our Hopper Bottoms, it is best to have a conversation to determine how best to install/mount your new system.

Manual Operation:
The valve has a forward, reverse and neutral position. For safety, these valves are spring centered. When the operator lets go of the handle from any position, the valve handle will center and all operations will stop.

Electronic Operation:
Electric valves are also known as solenoid valves which allow for more flexibility. The Hopper Bottom can be operated with toggle switches or wireless remote control for even greater operator freedom. All electrical operations have the same safety centering as the manual valves. When a push button is released, all operations come to a halt.

For flexibility and performance, the pressure relief valve is adjustable. This allows precise control of the torque for opening various door sizes. On some units, pump flow can be adjusted with a flow control valve, allowing operators to select the speed in which the hopper doors open.

  Hopper Bottom
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