Feedlok Control Systems

Feedlok Control Systems
Feedlok Control Systems

Right Feed, Right Bin, EVERYTIME. Feedlok gives you the security of knowing that the right feed gets delivered to the right bin. No more wrong deliveries. Code your feed mixture to the RFID tags. The hard coded RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Tag) will never change, unless you want to change the code. Simply tag the bin to the delivery point with the information you input at the feed mill and Feedlok will do the rest. If it's the wrong code, Feedlok will not allow dispensing of the feed mix. It's as simple as the RFID tag code matching the Feedlok code.  For more information, be sure to visit www.mobilestar.us/mobilestarwebsite/feedlok.php!

Wait, there is more. You will always know where your trucks are! Feedlok has a built in GPS tracking system. If manual override is engaged, Feedlok will deliver an alarm. Plus, you will always know exactly when the delivery was made, and to what bin.

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