Intraflo Lubrication Solutions
Intraflo Lubrication Solutions
Series Progressive Lubrication Systems For Every Application
  • Increase safety by eliminating the need to crawl all over equipment accessing grease points.
  • Reduce labor costs associated with traditional lubrication methods.
  • Reduce wear and extend the life of bearings, bushings, and pins.
  • Retain your equipment's value at resale.
400 Series Pumps
Loaded with features like a variable speed motor, integrated valve mounting and up to 4061 psi of available pressure, the 400 Series electric pump is always up to the challenge.

Available in reservoir capacities up to 8 liters and voltages ranging from 12/24 VDC to 110/220 VAC, the 400 Series pump from Intraflo can handle any application you throw at it.

40 Series Valves
The 40 Series Valve is the heart of any Intraflo series progressive system. Each 40 Series Valve incorporates a number of metering pins that dispense a highly repeatable volume of lubricant to each outlet. Outlet volumes can be combined to meet the needs of larger bearings and visual confirmation of proper valve function is provided via the cycle indicator.

Example System:

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