Line-Powered Mobile Column Lifts

Line-Powered Mobile Column Lifts
LP Series Line-Powered Mobile Column Lifts

LP Series: 24k to 108k lbs.

All of our new and improved Heavy-Duty Line-Powered (LP) Mobile Column Lifts are built with safety, flexibility, and ease-of-use in mind. Direct connections to each portable lift within a system provides you with absolute control. This allows you to safely lift heavy-duty vehicles without the need for complicated synchronization issues. Our LP Mobile Column Lifts have a lot to offer. Go with green!


  • Engineered for years of service in demanding environments.
  • Tight turning radius allows maneuverability in confined shops.
  • Can be stored with minimum space usage.
  • Thick steel H-beam (5x rated).
  • Automatic synchronization keeps lifts safe and level.
  • Waterproof controls allow outdoor and wash bay use.
  • Self diagnostics.

Three Modes of Operation

  • Auto: All column lifts operate in unison.
  • Single: Operate one column at a time.
  • Group: Operate any number of columns together.


  • Emergency stop button.
  • Ball bearing screw-nut assembly for safety.
  • Security devices shut down lifts if electrical failure or overload occur.
  • Motor brake is engaged until power is applied.
  • Elevator-style safety wedge.

Power Options

  • 208-230V 3-PH or 460-480V 3-PH.
  • Power on demand.
  • No battery maintenance.
  • No need to sync or reboot.

Line-Powered Lifts:

Model Capacity Per Post Carriage Width Fork Length
LP-6-M 12,000 lbs. 32.28 in. (820mm) 16 in.
LP-6-AJ 12,000 lbs. 35.43 in. (900mm) 15 in.
LP-9-M 16,000 lbs. 32.28 in. (820mm) 16 in.
LP-9-AJ 16,000 lbs. 35.43 in. (900mm) 15 in.
LP-10-AJ 18,000 lbs. 35.43 in. (900mm) 13 in.

Speciality Line-Powered Lifts:

Model Capacity Per Post Carriage Width Fork Length
LP-6-XXW 12,000 lbs. 48.23 in. (1,225mm) 20 in.
LP-8-20 15,000 lbs. 31.5 in. (800mm) 20 in.
LP-8-20W 15,000 lbs. 35.43 in. (900mm) 20 in.
LP-9-XW 16,000 lbs. 36.61 in. (930mm) 16 in.
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