MAHA Mobile Column Lift Cable Systems
Mobile Column Lift Intro
What is a Mobile Column Lift?
(Also known as "Wheel Engaging Lift")

Mobile Column Lifts are moveable heavy duty lifts that give technicians the value of flexible work bays and a comfortable work station. They allow full, unobstructed access under the vehicle to quickly fulfill routing maintenance inspections and repairs. Mobile Column Lifts have many advantages and drastically improve daily maintenance operations.

The MAHA Design - The Recirculating Stainless Steel Ball Screw
The core of MAHA's Mobile Column is a Recirculating Stainless Steel Ball Screw. This highly efficient operating approach eliminates all hydraulics, giving MAHA users distinct advantages.
  • Ball bearings reduce friction and distribute the load evenly.
  • Less friction than an Acme Screw = Higher efficiency (+90%)
  • Benefits of lower friction: improves speed, force, and duty cycle rating. Contributes to a longer life cycle and less motor power is required.

Workshop Benefits
Because Mobile Column Lifts are not a permanently fixed lift, there are no installation costs, they do not tie up a bay, and they reduce workshop clutter.

MAHA's column is a solid steel monolithic I-Beam, giving undisputed advantages over other bulky mobile columns on the market. Besides a noticeably sleek and slender design, the monolithic I-Beam doe not bend under extreme pressure and safely supports mass amounts of weight. To enhance flexibility, MAHA's slender column improves technician's access around the lift, and makes moving columns easy.

Technician Benefits
As the need for heavy duty maintenance increases, more quality service technicians will be needed. Employee morale is essential for providing modern equipment such as Mobile Column Lifts is appealing for high-demand mechanics and cultivates professional development; preserves employee loyalty and improves retention rates.
  • No more sprains and injuries.
  • No more cuts and bruises.
  • No more sore backs.
MAHA Mobile Column Lifts raise the vehicle over 6ft. high, making working under the vehicle safer and so much more comfortable.

Ultimate Safety
Every MAHA Column Lift is equipped with a redundant safety system which includes an industrial strength motor brake and a wedge lock.

Benefits of the Wedge Lock
  • A feature that exceeds certification requirements.
  • Stand-by role keeps wedge lock in like-new condition
  • Independent of lifting system, engages directly with the column.
  • Prevents the lift from lowering in the unlikely event of a system failure.
  • Same industrial strength lock used on elevators.
Benefits of the Industrial Motor Brake
  • Allows the ability to immediately stop the lift at any height during the lifting or lowering process.
  • Unlike hydraulic mobile lifts, the load does not have to be lowered onto mechanical locks in order to work.
  • Because MAHA's lift isn't lowered onto mechanical locks, there is no need to raise up and off of the locks before lowering the lift to the ground.
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