QD Grip
QD Grip
Get A Grip On Your Hydraulic Hoses
Any farmer that’s been out in the field struggling with their hydraulic hoses has experienced the time wasted guessing which hose hooks up to what port and hoses bursting because of tight bends at the fitting connection. It’s a real headache when time wasted equals money lost. Dakota Fluid Power has engineered an affordable, heavy duty solution that saves time and money... the QD Grip. Specifically designed to help farmers extend the life of their hydraulic hoses while reducing the amount of time to connect hoses, our QD Grip is sure to meet your application demands.

Part Numbers: (sold as set of 2)
  • Silver QD Part #: QDH-8SAE-SIL
  • Green QD Part #: QDH-8SAE-GRN
  • Gold QD Part #: QDH-8SAE-GLD
  • Purple QD Part #: QDH-8SAE-PUR
  • Red QD Part #: QDH-8SAE-RED
  • Blue QD Part #: QDH-8SAE-BLU
  • Black QD Part #: QDH-8SAE-BLK
Benefits & Features:
1) Problem: My hoses keep failing because of pinching.
Solution: By utilizing our QD Grip it eliminates pinching of hydraulic hoses at the fitting connection and eliminates grabbing and pulling on hydraulic hoses.

2) Problem: Connecting a piece of equipment takes FOREVER!
Solution: Our QD Grips are quick and easy to connect, reducing connection time and headaches. 
3) Problem: I struggle unhooking my hoses because of the dirt and oil that gets on my hands.
Solution: Our QD Grips have an anti-slip grip to help reduce slipping while working with gloves or oily hands. 

4) Problem: I am unable to identify which hose goes where because my color coded zip ties have broken off from last year.
Solution: Our QD Grips have 7 color options & polarity specifications for easy hose identification. They are also constructed out of a heavy duty anodized aluminum for the most rugged and dirty environments.

  QD Grip Flyer PDF
ProductSold as set of 2 (Set includes (1) Plus QD and (1) Minus QD)
MaterialHeavy duty anodized aluminum
Thread Size8 SAE
Polarity SpecPlus or minus on 1 side
Color OptionsGreen, Red, Black, Gold, Blue, Silver and Purple
DimensionsApprox. 1-7/16” Overall Diameter x 2-13/16 Overall Height
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