Wireless Mobile Column Lifts

Wireless Mobile Column Lifts
BPW Series Wireless Mobile Column Lifts

BPW Series: 24K to 144K

ARI-HETRA manufactures the only Heavy-Duty Wireless Mobile Column Lifts that are powered by a low friction recirculating ball-screw mechanism for precise control and ultimate efficiency. A longer battery life promises the highest number of lifting cycles in the industry. Technicians can easily move and reposition each wireless mobile column lift, increasing turnaround time and productivity.  Our wireless mobile column lifts can be hooked up in sets of up to 8 with a maximum capacity of 144,000 lbs.


  • Wirelessly communicates with up to 8 columns, creating a lifting system for vehicles weighing up to 128,000 lbs.
  • Each electromechanical column can communicate on 10 different frequency channels, allowing operation of multiple sets in the same area.
  • A dependable channel-hopping feature eliminates interference caused by other radio systems.
  • The recirculating ball-screw mechanism requires little maintenance, is lightweight, and does not leak like hydraulic systems may.
  • The slim H-beam support column provides improved access around the lift.


  • A backup safety system protects critical functions and users.
  • Vehicles are locked in place by heavy duty industrial brakes that require power to disengage.
  • Redundant wedge locks prevent the lifts from lowering in the unlikely event of a primary system failure. The locks are independent of the lifting mechanisms, and engage directly against the column.
  • BPW-9 Series Mobile Column Lifts are Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) certified through NRTL MET Labs.

Power (per post):

  • 110V, 60Hz, 1-PH.
  • 48VDC – (4) 12V Batteries.
  • 3 Amps charging max.
  • 8-hour charging cycle.
  • 2 HP Motor.

Wireless Lifts:

Model Capacity Per Post Carriage Width Fork Length
BPW-6-M 12,000 lbs. 32.28 in. (820mm) 16 in.
BPW-6-AJ 12,000 lbs. 20.47 in. to 35.43 in. (520mm to 900mm) 15 in.
BPW-9-M 16,000 lbs. 32.28 in. (820mm) 16 in.
BPW-9-AJ 16,000 lbs. 20.47 in. to 35.43 in. (520mm to 900mm) 15 in.
BPW-10-AJ 18,000 lbs. 20.47 in. to 35.43 in. (520mm to 900mm) 13 in.

Speciality Wireless Lifts:

Model Capacity Per Post Carriage Width Fork Length
BPW-6-XXW 12,000 lbs. 48.23 in. (1,225mm) 20 in.
BPW-8-20 15,000 lbs. 31.5 in. (800mm) 20 in.
BPW-8-20W 15,000 lbs. 35.43 in. (900mm) 20 in.
BPW-9-XW 16,000 lbs. 36.61 in. (930mm) 16 in.
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